Choose a Weekend, a Cruise or a 9 Day Getaway!

You're free to choose or combine your preferred schedule:

  • 2-Day French Quarter Conference - 2-Day Weekend of French Quarter Conference
  • 7-Day Caribbean Cruise - Caribbean Cruise with Relaxed Daily Seminars
  • 9-Day Getaway Week Full Conference - New Orleans roundtrip to Caribbean, all events 

Most technology conferences offer too much or too little to make sense of bringing your spouse or taking a holiday as you go.

Relax. Both conferences start from that premise. It's all going on at once. Designed to deliver the maximum value for your business needs, the experiences in professional networking and technology content, yet all in a setting to let you kick back and enjoy a break along the way.


French Quarter Conference, Cruise Seminar Getaway


For 2012 our conference returns to the Astor Crowne Plaza French Quarter Hotel, a luxury hotel and conference venue strategically overlooking Bourbon Street, in the French Quarter. The first year our conference was in this hotel and the convenience was excellent, one step out the door and you have all the action and vibrance of the French Quarter shops and entertainment in view.

Each night in New Orleans we will give you a different taste of the city life, from Bourbon Street balconies to riverside relaxation, the nightly entertainment events are worth the trip alone. The spouses were unanimous in celebrating the weekend in the city last year, definitely make it a break for the two of you!

Restaurant, entertainment, shopping, art, museums and unique characterics of New Orleans roll right down the street to the French Market, Royal Street Galleries, Jackson Square and Riverwalk, all within a few blocks of the door. And if Harrah's Casino is on your list, it's just two blocks away across the street!

After the 2-day weekend conference and parties, sleep in a bit on Sunday morning, but don't miss the boat! We can ride over to the Carnival Conquest Cruise ship just a couple blocks upriver from our hotel. We'll transfer your luggage and get you onboard for a week of lazy days with just enough business and technology to get you thinking about your career and path ahead. The Conquest takes us for a 7-day trip to the Caribbean with stops in Montego Bay, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. Daily conversations and gorgeous views. It couldn't be much easier. You are back to New Orleans by Sunday morning with the option to play through the weekend or head for home.

Events Overview for Attendees and Guests

Pre-Day Sessions


Pre-Day Sessions are New for 2012!! We are pleased to announce that Third Tier will host the Brain Explosion Pre-day for a full day of technical training finishing just in time for our Jazz Reception. Lunch is included.

French Quarter



Arrival for the Thursday night Welcome Party to be set for the weekend sessions. We’ll start up the early night atmosphere with music and wet your appetite with a sample of the fantastic New Orleans food that awaits you. Meet everyone for the Second Line Jazz Reception and you can take care of conference registration and orientation details so you can sleep in a bit more on Saturday morning. Pay no attention to anyone who says you have to get a lot of rest the first night in, it never happens! Just remember to set an alarm for the morning sessions.


Friday and Saturday are a full agenda of scheduled sessions, yet within a break you could literally step onto a balcony or take a quick stroll out the door to review the daytime charm of what awaits beyond Bourbon and Iberville Streets. In just a few steps you could be shopping on Royal Street just one block away. Looking for the ultimate New Orleans restaurant or music? Some of the best cuisine and entertainment in the country is waiting for you! You’ll have all the time you make available for yourself at night, or better yet if you stay over in the city a few days.


Friday Night 
Bourbon St Balcony Party
Friday afternooon, as the French Quarter Sessions are closing out, first you be heading out for dinner on the town at the restaurant of your choice. After, you are returning for our always unpredictable cocktail party, and the excitement of a night on a Bourbon Street balcony.


Saturday Night 
French Quarter Party
Always a bit of a surprise what will happen, our signature French Quarty event. We set the expecation that you will have a great time, but we like to keep a bit of mystery on what is the plan each year. It's pretty certain, nobody expected last years burlesque show with all the live music and fantastic eats, unless of course you a veteran of our special events! If you expect a burlesque show this year, well, you will be surprised for sure!

Bon Voyage

New Orleans



Sunday morning the lobby fills with a lot of familiar faces passing through a transition as our conference hump day unfolds. We'll have a Lagniappe Brunch to start the day, everyone is invited for out bon voyage send off!

Caribbean Cruise Conference


New Orleans 
Jamaica Grand Cayman  Cozumel

New Orleans


The conversation doesn’t stop, we just changes venues from New Orleans View Carre to a Caribbean Cruise with “sunsets views”. Before the cruise, you have time to relax or a quick shopping trip, just a few blocks away at the foot of Canal Street and the Mississippi River dock, boarding begins at 11:00 pm and the boat sails at 4pm. You will want a great view on the upper decks as the ships eases away with the New Orleans backdrop into the horizon and the spectacular sights unfold as the ship weaves 90 miles down the meandering Mississippi River. Between the natural beauty along the river and the scars on the landscape post-Katrina, our journey down to the mouth of the Mississippi and the blue water of the Gulf of Mexico waiting beyond is unforgettable.

For a full week on the cruise, we lay out a leisurely pace.  We use sea days for sessions while leaving plenty of time for leisure on whatever deck suits your fancy. Look for periodic meetings and wandering gatherings scattered among the shipboard distractions. We all dine together nightly, explore the ships and the stop-overs and new friendships emerge.

This year we have 7 days aboard, 3 full days of blue water sailing spaced out over the week. We enjoy a two days of sailing out on the way to Jamaica, and three days in ports of Montego Bay, the Cayman Islands, and a call in Cozumel, Mexico. Decide on the way if you seek out the beach, dive on the reef, relax in cafes or hit the marketplace!

Saturday Night

Moonlight River Party
If Saturday night ever comes, before you get that last night of rest in your cabin, you have one last spectacular sight to enjoy. On a clear night under the stars, you will want to be on deck around sunset to celebrate as we navigate past the dramatically lit offshore oil rigs and ships at anchor in the Mississippi Sound. The rest of the evening is steaming back up the river and docking back at New Orleans for Saturday sunrise in port. It's a remarkable finish to spectacular week.
New Orleans


When we dock Sunday morning, our group events concluded, but you aren’t back in the real-world yet if you don’t want to be. Transfer to the airport and back home if you must, or stay a few days to have more fun, food and groove in the city. The locals call it the Crescent City and the world knows us as the Big Easy, but you will know it as a second home for the rest of your life.

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