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2012 Session Outline is Announced!  

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The IT Pro Conference Experience

In 9-days of activities, offers an opportunity unlike any conference in SMB space. Our conference receives the highest marks for quality, value and entertainment rolled up in one combined event for our New Orleans venue and the option to cruise for the week after.

This isn't a trivial conference, it's a pretty intense learning opportunity, a pretty intense networking experience, and the entertainment is pretty much off the scale...just ask around. You won't forget your experience here on any level.

Session Discussion Format

Our sessions this year will again go for the exceptional value and dynamic of live interaction, less Powerpoint, more powerful conversations. A single track session format for Group Discussion, Panel Debates, and Expert Drill-down means everyone is on the same page. Look for business and product philosophy discussions scattered into the technology discussion format agaim this year.

Our sessions are designed to make you think, to reset your perspective or to prove to you that you may be the innovator in the room. It's all about the best feedback you can get from peers in your industry with the same concerns that you have. We all need to optimize and get better reality of face the consequences of missing the chance of a lifetime.


2-Day Weekend Conference Presentation Team Announced!

 Full professional biographic details are shown on the Content Advisors page for the speakers, we are adding bios as quickly as we can compile and format the highlight information to give you a greater sense of the depth of experience represented in our session content and presentation team. Come meet them in person! 

2012 Event Presentation Team 
International SMB IT Pro Experts
Recognition Name State/Country
Security MVP Dana Epp Canada
SBS-MVP Susan Bradley CA, US
SBS-MVP Amy Babinchak MI, US
Security/Technologist Lawrence Teo NC, US
Security Trainer Jay Ferron FL, US
SBS-MVP Cal McLennan Canada
SBS-MVP Jeff Middleton LA, US
SBS-MVP Cliff Galiher MT, US
Third Tier (Support) Jeremy Anderson CA, US
SBS-MVP Marina Roos Netherlands
SBS-MVP Dave Nickason NY, US
SBS-MVP Kevin Royalty OH, US
SBS-MVP Eriq Neale TX, US
WHS-MVP Grey Lancaster NC, US
Third Tier (Support) Brian Higgins MI, US
Exchange MVP Dave Shackelford WA, US
SBS-MVP Larry Struckmeyer FL, US
SBS-MVP Tero Leskinen Finland
IT Pro Expert-MVP Mitch Garvis Canada
SBSC Advisory Karl Palachuk CA, US
Security Legal Ben Yarbrough NC, US
IT Pro Expert-MVP Jessica DeVita CA, US
SBS-MVP Andy Goodman NC, US
SBS-MVP Jason Miller Canada
SaaS/Channel Services Mark Crall NC, US

 Pre-Day Event Session Schedule (June 7)

Register for this pre-day when you make your conference registration. Third Tier Brain Explosion is presenting a full-day of deep-dive technical content which includes lunch and refreshments through-out the day.

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Pre-day Session

2-Day Weekend Conference Sessions (June 8-9)

Note: Each group of the session blocks represents 2-3 hrs of session content consisting of panel discussion, demo or Q&A interaction. The session topics are subject to revision as we finalize the speaker assignments and obtain registrant's feedback and requests!

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Session Block: 1

Choosing Platforms Session

 Session Block: 2

Win To Walk Away Session

Session Block: 3  

Remote Technology Session

Session Block: 4  

Running the New Session

Session Block: 5  

Truster Advisor Session

Session Block: 6  

You Will Comply Session

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