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7-Day Cruise Conference Reservation Summary


Type of Registration


(Per Person)

Extended Total


Cruise Conference VIP Registration
(per person – all events as attendee, spouse, adult guests)

$ 195



VIP Attendee Registration Conference Fee

  • Reception (Saturday Night)
  • Transport from Hotel to Cruise (Sunday) Ship
  • Bag storage in New Orleans
  • All Conference Sessions onboard
  • All Hosted Receptions onboard

Cruise Cabin Deposit
$ 250 / person

(registrations before March 27)

$ 195



Non-Attendee Cabin Reservation
(No conference fees required for Kids)




Reserves a space onboard for the cruise, but not for any of our conference events or services.

Cruise Cabin Deposit
$ 250 / person

$ 195



Cruise Reservations Required

For each person joining you on the cruise, you will need to book cabins at the time the conference reservation is started. This will apply to attendees, spouses, kids, basically anyone who will be taking the cruise.

The registration website will process your reservation for the conference and the $250 deposit (per person) to hold your Cruiseline Cabin Reservation.

Click here for more details on the cabin booking options for the cruise.




7-Day Cruise Conference

For the Cruise Conference, the conference fee is very low and all registrations (other than for Kids) would be a Cruise Conference VIP Registration. Unlike the 2-Day weekend conference, there’s not a separate guest option for attending only receptions. A non-attendee cabin registration is required for Kids only a mechanism to reserve space “per person” on the ship. Reservations of this type exclude attending any of the business or social functions hosted specific to the conference, or the receptions.

The Cruise Conference schedule events begin with a reception Saturday night at the French Quarter hotel together with all attendees and guests. Sessions for the cruise will be loosely scheduled daily from Monday through Friday. The organized conference events conclude with a party the last evening of the cruise (Saturday night), with the ship back at dock in New Orleans on Sunday at 8 am.

Recommended travel days for this conference would be to arrive no later than Sunday evening, and depart after the cruise on Saturday for flights anytime later than noon is convenient. It's possible to get an earlier flight but you must make special arrangements with Carnival, and any delay at the dock could put your schedule in jeopardy. You are of course encouraged to extend your stay in New Orleans and take advantage of the hotel discount that is available to you.

This is an international cruise with stops on the Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. You must bring a passport in order to board the ship.


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