The Voice of Experience

Each year sponsors the IT Pro Conference, the focus of our sessions is to bring out the Voice of Experience from both the audience and the presentation team. We are looking for conversations the resonate because you recognize the experience when you hear it.

The fabric of this conference is found within the community mesh of participation, the interaction generated by the format of the sessions, and the way our sessions and breakouts put all discussions into sharing ideas, not listening to a sales pitch. Our sponsors come to the IT Pro Conference with as much attention to listen as to explain opportunities in SMB. The entire conference is one track, everyone is included in every segment of the event. We focus attention on the people, the experience, and the creative vision of very smart people in on place full of energy.

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Life and Business Savvy

Typical for the majority of SMB IT Pros, we ourselves are small businesses, we face the same concerns as our customers. We too have scaling problems in our business operations, and seek to build partnerships and contacts to grow the oppportunities we see. We also face the challenges to have a "normal life" align to the professional demands day to day.

We sustain our customers and may run our businesses as almost a symbiotic relationship, codependent. Is that scenario your permanent business model, or a risk to maintain, or is the only other option to outgrow that very relationship? How do you grow? Who do you ask? Who else has been there? Where are these questions answered?

You need to talk to people on your same track in business and life. You need an experience like a local professional group meeting with a larger scope of participation. Join in the discussion where it spills out from an expert panel, flows into every circle of chairs for days where the next topic to debate is the question you want to ask? This is your event.

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Two Distinct Conference Goals

Each year we are asked "Should I choose the 2-day conference vs. the 7-day cruise? What's the difference?" These are as different as the French Quarter is from a sail at sea!

This is your opportunity to choose one or both events, and you will find two totally different learning and networking experiences and opportunities to grow your vision of where you are in your business.

Absolutely, not everyone who attends the 2-day French Quarter Conference is comfortable with taking a week away for the cruise. But for those who are at that point in their business career, the cruise makes absolutely total sense to them. You will be among a group of our cruiser attendees who are at that level, and you will find a remarkable opportunity to share insites and ideas with the pace of the trip as a backdrop.

No matter what you choose, you will definitely have fun amid the breaks in serious side of the conference sessions.


Of course, we absolutely expect our cruisers to bring their spouse and have no worries that anyone is going to be bored on the trip! In fact, if past years are our guide, it could be the spouses that not only have the best time, but start building a new set of relationships as they get to know each other. Not every path to your goals in running your SMB business are found in technology magazine. You might just need to share ideas with someone on the same track of experience, with the time to exchange ideas on a getaway.

IT Community Outreach & Friendships

We talk about the IT Community as the mesh of professionals in the SMB space who have come to know that helping each other builds a better industry opportunity. And yes, it's building friendships along the way. Our conference design embracing the idea that you can make networking contacts that last a lifetime, and bridge regional and international boundaries.

As change of concept, what other IT conference can boast 25% of the attendees bringing spouses plus couple celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries and one live surprise engagement celebrated among all of us! Say it ain't so, but 60% of those surveyed say they will bring a spouse to IT Pro Conference again because this event covered all the bases as a spectacular success... and a 95% survey response indicates most attendees likely to be back next year.

I'm most proud of my city, and for the role it played each of the past years as a backdrop for serious professional discussion and the most abundant distractions, entertainment and comforts for all interests. Clearly the singular hotel and conference location we provide with only an elevator as transportation was appreciated. Yet a walk within blocks for anything you want reminds us why New Orleans is and has been the place to explore business and fun for the most remarkable conference opportunities available.

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