IT Pro Conference 2010, the year we decided it was time for a burlesque show, so this is not your typical evening event, but it's the way we do it year after year. Next morning you grab your favorite coffee from the cart outside the session room and you are ready to get back to the conference session agenda.

Even the locals in New Orleans wanted to know where we got the fresh Strawberry Hubig's pies, quite the special treat! You are thinking "a choice of pies on the left, sweet rolls on the right?" Yes, otherwise, you just keep eating the pies.


Food is integral to the culture of New Orleans, so we simply don't invite guest to our home without the best tastes of everything we can offer. And yes, sometimes some of our favorite foods involve either getting a little messy or using a little self-restraint!

Each year the IT Pro Conference brings you a taste of the city, the vibe of the streets and an opportunity to share the experience with friends in the SMB industry who are usually just as excited to see each other again each year as they are to return to the Big Easy.


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