2012 Conference Travel Planner

June 7
Pre-Day: Third Tier Brain Explosion
(Separate Registration Fee Required)
June 7
Jazz Welcome Reception (6 pm-10 pm)
(included in 2-Day Conference package)

June 8 – 9

2-Day French Quarter Weekend Conference
Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel New Orleans
Bourbon and Canal Street
New Orleans
June 10 
(8 - 10 AM) Lagniappe Brunch
All Attendees and Guests Welcome
June 10 

(11 AM) Cruisers depart hotel for the Cruise Terminal

June 10 – 17

7-Day Caribbean Cruise Seminars Series
New Orleans roundtrip via
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Cozumel, Mexico

June 17

(8 AM -12 PM) Cruise Disembarkation

For cruisers booking travel, we can provide you a more detailed arrival and departure plan, including the dreaded last-minute arrival and earliest possible flight back details, all with the caveat about this being a ship, and when it sails....is up to the captain!

What's New and Special for 2012!

The conference schedule nudges into June this year, the weekend immediately following Memorial Day. We trimmed the half-day off the backend, set the 2-day weekend conference for our normal day sequence of Thursday night reception, followed by full session days Friday and Saturday. Now, here's what's new:

  • Technical Pre-Day on Thursday: Third Tier Brain Explosion - This adds a full day of content, yet concludes just in time for the start of our regular Jazz Reception Welcome party. Attending the preday means you plan to arrive Wednesday evening so you are ready to go in the morning.
  • Lagniappe Brunch (no sessions on Sunday) - We run the full 2-day Friday and Saturday, but dropped Sunday session to allow the cruisers head to the cruise terminal.
  • Saturday Night Dine-Around and Balcony Cocktail Party - Don't assume we go dark at the end of the sessions on Saturday, that's not your travel night! Stay with us for the evening party, and the Lagniappe Brunch Sunday morning. 
  • 7-Day Caribbean Cruise with a new route! - This year our Sunday to Sunday trip, we three 3 different countries on our trip to:
    • Montego Bay, Jamaica
    • Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
    • Cozumel, Mexico

So to summarize, add the pre-day event on Thursday before the welcome reception, plus our two-day schedule, our landside content is now a full three days. The pre-day is by every definition a deep dive on technology you want to know about. Plus we moved the cruise departure up to Sunday, expanded it to 7 days, and yet you still arrive home the following weekend. It's amazing, do the math, we figured out how to take an 8 day conference series into 10 days while only adding a day on the front!

For you tech-head junkies, we have arranged for a deep-dive Pre-Day provided by Third Tier Brain Explosion. We know some past attendees suggested a truly deep technical dive in our conference schedule. It doesn't get to be a deeper dive in one day! The new 7-day cruise option runs Sunday to Sunday, so check out the detailed schedule and plan your flight now!


2012 Conference Daily Event Calendar


Two Distinctly Different Conference Experiences

Two events, or maybe you combine them for one Getaway Week?

Both agendas will offer a mix of business and technical topics, but these are totally different formats and experiences. Comparing the French Quarter Sessions versus the Caribbean Cruise Seminars, you certainly find that some of the conversation carries forward, but in the change of participants and environment you have different perspectives and visions revealed. Either way you have loads of time to relax and enjoy yourself while you meet and reconnect with your industry peers and friends.

The French Quarter Conference is not like the typical event you have attended...we focus on conversation, not lectures. Our sessions approach structered panel discussions and targeted presentations to mix 60/40% in favor of more technical and skill oriented sessions, as well as product and technology based issues. You will find the group dynamics of debate, technology orientation topics and a "conference atmosphere" will distinguish a different pace and perspective from the cruise experience. We'll have some workshops and some side-bar experiences to let you step out if you wish, or stay on the single-track format we'll offer. It's one track, but it's a blended discussion about the business of dealing with technology.

The Caribbean Cruise Sessions will flip over to favor an orientation for even more of the business vision, imagination and career track planning. Our daily seminar at sea planning is intended to inspire leadership vision more than the mechanics of work. You are more likely to find yourself relaxing for an hour on deck with a peer in discussion of your business goals moving to achievements, while relaxing and enjoying that day in fresh air at sea. Our seminars for the day are intended to nudge the discussion while allowing you and your spouse or companion to getaway from the normal routine of work, to get a fresh perspective on your world.


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